Thursday, June 5, 2014

In My Dream...

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She was looking on me. Her eye had desire, a passionate desire. Strikingly beautiful she was. The soft drizzle rendered her even more beautiful. Lips wet and her clothes drenched kissing her body elucidating her ravishing figure. The curls outlining her face provide to be slide to the mizzle. My eyes were wide open as I had just seen god. Actually, I had. Not god, rather a goddess. A goddess, whose flawless beauty was untouched and undiscovered by this world.
Adjectives, I was short of. Diva hottie sexy ravishing alluring were words quite insufficient to describe even a bit of her charm. I was transfixed as if in trance. I didn’t know her and neither did I want to know. But she was with me, I didn’t know how! Her presence had captivated me and flushed my mind of all of its lust less thoughts.
Just a meter away from her, I stood. Lost completely, in her ecstatic charm. It was the first time, mine as well as hers.
She stretched her hands; those thing long fingers were going to take me move over. Her soft fingers fondled my rain bathed hair; spoiling my urban hairstyle. T did no matter as long as it was she who was doing so! The fingers didn’t stop; they were on and on. Next target, a bit lower was my bucket shaped frustum like neck.
The fingers, nails to be specific, pricked the slender epidermis of my neck making a drop of fearsome red-fluid trickle down my vertebral column. The rain did as sleek task of diluting the drop of blood making it quite colorless by the time it reached my jeans.
It did hurt; a bit more than a pinprick, but the very pain gave pleasure. Immense pleasure. The surrounding was exotic with no trace of life anywhere around us. I held her by her waist. It was just the two us across the whole globe. Horizon seemed much like an oil on canvas, tinges of orange sunlight, which had just set, mixing with the soothing darkness of night.
I pulled her towards me abruptly, my heart waiting for this movement since the day I bawled out on this planet. Our bosoms were kissing each other. It would be more apt to say that mine was pushing against hers! I was going to kiss her- her wet-pink-n-tempting lips. I was fully aroused. I just wondered how violent I would be two-minutes later.
I moved closer to her face. I reached her face when her lips took the shape of a circle and she blew her breath at my face. The drizzle that was crossing between our eyes to finally strike our bosoms was sprinkled at my face. I savored the moment, relished her every mischief and just looked at her. I closed my eyes and moved my lips to seal with hers. It was the moment… the most awaited moment of my life….


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